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Mission Statement

PureDiamond Enterprise is a nonprofit organization helping our youth and the communities in which they live. Our mission is to rebuild positive leadership and community unity in the communities that need it most. Our goal is to help pave the way for a better tomorrow for our youth and our country.

PureDiamond Enterprise helps underprivileged youth and their communities through educational and athletic activities that spark interest and improve opportunities for a better, more productive future. Our youth should not feel as if the only way to reach the American dream is to be a professional athlete, entertainer or from the wrong side of the law.

Through PureDiamond Enterprise, they will understand that, with hard work and dedication, they have every chance to become anything they choose, including a doctor, lawyer or even president of the United States.


Senior Classmen on a Mission, “PDE Running Suns 4 LIFE!”

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The PureDiamond Enterprise youth organization would like to congratulate some of our senior PDE Running Suns players, for playing at a high degree for their high school teams. These players have achieved the highest goal that a student athlete can achieve. These players have signed a letter of commitment to receive a full academic Scholarship to Attend a Division 1 Educational institution.
We would like to thank and give praise to, Tre Hopkins, Shawn Harris, and Larry Aaron for accomplishing a degree of success with their student athlete achievement. Good luck, and know that the PureDiamond Enterprise organization is very proud, and honored to have had you’ll as players, Youths, and good friends/ like sons, “PDE Running Suns 4 Life”.



We are committed to building self confidence, community awareness and a positive atmosphere for higher learning. ” Team Work makes the Dream Work” is our campaign for a great today, and a better tomorrow.

Instead of highlighting outdated and ineffective guidelines for low-income careers, our efforts will help instill motivating and progressive structure for an all-inclusive, better way of living for our youth and their families and communities. And with todays low-income families being found in all types of communities, not just poor neighborhoods and decaying communities, our focus helps youth from all walks of life, all cultures and most important, those who have not been given an equal amount of resources.

PureDiamond Enterprise rebuilds positive leadership and community unity in the communities that need it most. With this commitment, our foundation will help other organizations keep equal opportunities as a main focus for future generations.

Thank You,

Bryan Aybar